Active Futures

Active Futures is a major strand of our activity, to encourage lots of new and exciting writing about physical activity, sport and outdoor adventure from schools.  We're currently piloting some exciting projects in a number of primary and secondary schools across Stoke-on-Trent and will in time to expand these to more schools.  

We're particularly interested in blending writing, other creative arts and PE to encourage and improve literacy, creativity, physical activity and health.

Like Active Stories, we’re looking for writing from anyone with a good story about being active, but for Active Futures there has to be a exercise, school and local connection.  Although primarily aimed at school pupils, we’d welcome contributions from teachers, other staff, parents, former pupils with great memories of school sport, governors or others with a link to local schools.

It’s an extension to Active Stories but including all sorts of ideas to get school pupils engaging in and writing about physical actvity, exercise, sport and outdoor adventure.

We’ve spoken to schools, authors, poets, artists, playwrights, PE specialists and several other social enterprises in the area and come up with a list of possible projects that schools might want to develop.  

You can see them here. But they are just ideas – if a school has a particular event it wants to use as a focus for writing, or a specific curriculum area it wants to tie to active-writing, then we'd love to hear how it goes! And if you'd like to involve us then just drop us a line.


Schools and Colleges

We have run pilot projects, or are currently working with, the following Stoke on Trent schools:


Funding your Project

We are happy to work directly with schools on school-funded projects that help you achieve literacy and physical activity outcomes.

However, you may find that your project is eligible for funding from a number of other sources. All funders assess grant applications carefully, so before you apply it can be worthwhile making sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and that the grant will be able to provide you with the exact monies that are needed

To maximise the potential for a successful grant application you should also take the time to make sure that your school, parents and local community are on board with your project, and look at the ways that the project can help not only your school but also local sports clubs and community associations.

These are some useful websites to visit if you are interested in finding out more about grants: