Sporting Future project ideas

Here are some of the activity and project ideas you might like to try out:

  • ‘Try it, Write it’ – get pupils to try a new activity (or watch a new sport) and write about the experience, with support from experienced sports writers 


  • ‘Adopt a Club’ – each class or school identify a local amateur sports club they can follow for a year and record the club’s successes (or otherwise) in pupil journals (reportage, art work, creative writing)


  • ‘Active Thrillers’ – creative writing activities with an action theme, supported by an established children’s author and a creative writing social enterprise


  • ‘My hero is…’ – get pupils to interview and/or write about a family member and an activity they used to do or a sport they used to play, recording for example the family member’s greatest, or funniest, or saddest adventure or sporting moment or memory. The project is designed to involve families more closely with both schools and with physical activity


  • ‘Story Drawing’ – encouraging pupils to pick favourite school active-writing contributions (at a class, school or city level) and illustrate them with cartoons, drawings or photographs – or even turn them into a comic book or graphic novel


  • ‘Active Shorts’ – encourage schools to use pupils’ writing to inspire short plays, dramas, videos or other performance art, with the possibility of each school’s best performance feeding into a City awards event


  • ‘Writing Crews’ – using School Sport Organising Crews (Schools Games project) to develop blogs and sports journalism such as disability sport reporting


  • ‘STAR stories’ – working with top sports achievers (School first team, City, County, England standard) to capture inspiring stories


Other ideas we’re working on include poetry relays; recreating historical sporting heroes; writing team competition in the class; and sports personification.  Let us know yours!