Peter Hooper

Peter is the Founder and Managing Director of Cox Bank Publishing. A keen runner and cyclist, he has always enjoyed reading about others’ sporting and outdoor exploits and he is keen to bring a wider range of writing about outdoor activity, sport and exercise to a larger audience.

In 2010 he edited and published The Best of the Fells, an anthology of writing on fell and trail races, written by the runners themselves.

That experience inspired him to establish Cox Bank Publishing and to collect and publish existing and new writing, largely by new authors but exclusively by people whose lives have been enhanced by outdoor activity, exercise and/or sport.

He is married with a son and daughter, and is aided and abetted in his training runs by two rescue collies.

Peter also takes part in the Hanley Park Run in Stoke on Trent when he can - so if you would like a slightly unusual business meeting drop him a line and meet up there!


Cox Bank Publishing as a Social Enterprise

At the heart of CBP’s business model is the desire to put something back into society.  A proportion of the proceeds from each book sold goes to an appropriate (and often local) charity.

CBP will also accept commissions from organisations with an interest in outdoor activity, exercise, sport, social enterprise and/or corporate social responsibility – e.g. producing tailored publications celebrating the contribution a company’s employees make to local good causes, or employee fund-raising for charity via sports challenges.


How We Work

CBP works directly with individuals - be they outdoor enthusiasts, amateur sportspeople, or people just enjoying exercise in any form - to capture new writing about how being active can positively impact on people's lives.  We also work with schools to publish pupils' writing on being active, exercising and trying out new sports.

Sporting Stories Stoke-on-Trent is an example of the approach, with over 30 different sports and activities covered and featuring writing from over 80 contributors. SPLASH! is an example of our schools work. Our list of publications is growing all the time and you can see our current books in our webstore.


As noted above, a proportion of the proceeds from each book go to a relevant charity.