A Potters 'Arf Poem - Giovanni Esposito (aka Spoz)

Put your best foot forward …
And follow it with the other …
Repeat for thirteen point one miles,
For a friend, or a sister, or brother …
For a father or mother or family member,
Or just do it for yourself,
Do it for a sense of achievement,
Or do it for fitness and health.

Just do it for the rush of adrenalin,
Do it slowly or as quick as a flash,
You can do it for The Vale or The City,
You can do it for Lemmy and Slash!
You could feel ‘the power’ like Phil Taylor,
Be serious or have a bit of a laugh,
You can do it for Robbie or … Anthea Turner
Just keep running that Potter’s ‘Arf.

You may be tall or large or small,
Your hair may be long, grey or spikey,
You’re more than a number, you’re more than a brand
There’s more to … “Just Do It”, than Nike.
You can do it for Sir Stanley Matthews,
For Wedgewood or Minton or Spode …
Grasp the nettle … and fire your clay …
Keep right on to the end of the road.

© Giovanni Esposito (aka Spoz)