Potters 'Arf - Liz Piper

Hi.  I’m an older runner, been running since I was 55, joined a club in the Lake District after my first half marathon.  I’ve been ‘doing’ the Potter’s Arf for eight years now. Travel down each year specially from the north of England; York at the moment, although one year I had to travel back from Malawi! 

Started because my son wanted someone to run it with him when he first moved to Stoke, even though it’s a long journey from home.  After that first time (Heartbreak Hill in case you wondered), I said: “Never again” - and I meant it!  But somehow, I’m still running it each year.

Perhaps it’s the party atmosphere in the town centre - you know, fun fairs, crowds of cheering people.  Perhaps it’s the crowds lining the street with hosepipes, ice pops, jelly babies and loud cheers.  Mebbe it’s the friendliness of the marshalls and shop owners who let you shelter from the rain.  P’haps it’s the slick organisation.  Or mebbe it’s the stunning hills...... and good-tempered motorists who stop and wait till we pass.

I’ll be back next year; and so will my son.  We’ll be trying for that unattainable special medal again, chatting to other runners as we go round, stopping for those who need encouragement or aren’t well, laughing at the fancy dresses - and speculating about the difficulty that the chap in bikini top will have explaining his sunburn to his mates.

Potter’s Arf?  An amazing run.