Potters NOT 'Arf! - Charlotte Smith

    The trepidation, tribulation, the jubilation is clear,
    As that special day around mid-June draws ever closely near!
    We’ve done the training, the early starts, the (sort of!) watching what we eat,
    But despite all this will I make it? … Thirteen miles on very tired feet?!

However, it’s that energy from fellow runners,
The compassion from the Stokie crowds.
The Potters never fail us – these folk from the six towns!

And as the time approaches and all the racers flow,
The rainbow of club vests at Victoria Road all chanting: ‘Come on, here we go!’
In no time the first few miles are done and I’m smiling up until…
The mountain peak that is Anchor Road– that rather vertical hill!

But the high fives of the young children in Abbey make up for all that pain,
And you do feel good after conquering, the hills of Stoke’s terrain!
Such excitement, the shouts so very clear, 
The quirky comments: ‘Don’t worry, all downhill from here!’
All form part of the fun.

Mile 11 is approaching and Heart Break Hill is nigh …
We’re so close, don’t stop now, you’ve just got to try!
You reach the top after muttering (and maybe a slight curse!)
But the crowds are gathering in Hanley town centre – and you feel immersed!

The feeling at the finish is truly of elation, but maybe there’s a tear,
Your family, loved ones waiting – so proud and full of cheer. 
The medals are awarded, but clearly everyone is a winner,
Now it’s: ‘Priorities duck after all that hard work, it’s time for a Sunday dinner!