The New Balance story - Sam Hodgkinson

At New Balance UK we feel it is our duty to try to support and encourage all runners. New Balance have again this year sponsored  the race including race prizes and discount vouchers at a local retailer for all participants. The fun run was at the heart of this years potters arf and will hopefully inspire the children of Stoke On Trent for many years. Kids in sport is one of the biggest aims for New Balance as a brand and we are proud to be part of this great event.
(this one more from me) Being a stokie myself and having ran the half many years I was utterly astounded at how well organised and well supported the event was, and vowed to come back again. Three knee operations and two children later I finally did and enjoyed every single second. It was just as I remembered, really tough course, excellent organisation and most importantly the most incredible support from the locals.
The most important part of this year’s addition has to be the kids fun run. My three year old also took part in the fun run which made it extra special when we could compare medals and find the perfect spot to house one of the many I hope we’ll share in years to come. Inspiring children for the future.