The winner - Debbie Thomas

The Potts Arf marathon is a ‘must do’ on every runners race calendar in Staffordshire and further afield. I have completed the event nine times to date from my first in 2006 and only missing the years 2009 and 2010 due to injury and a holiday mistakenly booked at the same time! The friendly, supportive and nervous atmosphere amongst the runners on the day at the start is unique and is what seduces runners from elite to first timer, from experienced to beginner, to a one-off runner for charity to turn up and give it a go.
I have had my second best time for a half marathon and my third worst on the Potts Arf course, and largely this has depended on the weather on the day.. if it’s hot and sunny, I’m hot and suffering! My best run has to be 2016, the year I won the ladies race and recorded a course PB. The weather was cloudy with a cool breeze to make it a little easier, but the support I received along the way felt as though I was being boosted along. It may have been my legs pounding on the road but my energy was coming from the encouragement from fellow runners, team mates as I passed or caught them up, and of course the renown crowds who lined the miles and were excitedly cheering “first lady”!! The memory of that day will always make me feel proud of the people of Stoke-on-Trent, they were superb!
Deborah Thomas
Trentham Running Club