Potters 'Arf

Tales from the Back Room - the Race Secretary of the Potters 'Arf by Sue Rushton

It’s finally arrived the month of the race, where did all that time go? It’s the big push now, got to get everything sorted for the big day. At this point the emails are coming in at a rate of knots and hopefully they get answered with a quick response and an answer that will quell any concerns that someone may have. I have my trusty notebook to back me up which contains lots and lots of info, ticks and crosses, that might seem a little old fashioned in this technological world but it is my security blanket and very important to me. Hopefully I don’t forget anything!

Potters Trotters at the Potters 'Arf - the Perfect Combination by Liz Tideswell

We gathered on the morning of the race to offer last minute words of encouragement and share bin bags to keep us dry on the walk to the start. From the club, there were 16 runners taking part in relay teams brilliantly organised by Janet – the Bluebell Girls, the Dancing Daffodils, the Blooming Roses and the First Marigolds (with all of this team being 65 or over). One of our members completed the event with the walkers and 11 runners did half marathon distance. 

Potters 'Arf - Through the Rear View Mirror by Liz Tideswell

Running the Potters ‘Arf is hard work, really hard work. Even on my best of running days, it’s probably one of the toughest road races I’ve completed. But the support on the course from club mates, friends and family members also make it one of the most enjoyable – ice pops at the bottom of Anchor Road, the house with everyone in fancy dress on Leonard Avenue (which I was sure was a hallucination the first time I completed the race… did anyone else see “can can” dancers?) and the “encouraging” signs announcing the unwanted but unavoidable climb up Heartbreak Hill all add to the legend of the event. 

The Arf of two Arfs - Nicola Lingley-Heath

Running has never come naturally to me, despite my will to try. My attempts started as a kid during Primary School, where I had a go at joining the after school cross country club. I turned up, nervous, in my little black pumps, shiny blue shorts and White t shirt. I felt ready. Cross country was slower than sprinting, so surely I'd be ok at this. How wrong could I be?!

The winner - Debbie Thomas

he Potts Arf marathon is a ‘must do’ on every runners race calendar in Staffordshire and further afield. I have completed the event nine times to date from my first in 2006 and only missing the years 2009 and 2010 due to injury and a holiday mistakenly booked at the same time! The friendly, supportive and nervous atmosphere amongst the runners on the day at the start is unique and is what seduces runners from elite to first timer, from experienced to beginner, to a one-off runner for charity to turn up and give it a go.