Childhood activities - Jean Brough

I started Abbey Hulton Infants School at age five, that was 1938, I loved going playing with other children in the playground, skipping and playing tick. Then it was junior school at the same school - we were involved with more sports like running, we were put in groups and had a coloured sash. I think I was in the blue team.

Then at eleven I went to Carmountside Senior School, meeting different friends I enjoyed that school, because I loved PT as it was called then, now it’s PE. I loved it when the lesson was in the gym – all the apparatus to use I had a go on everything then I was in a netball team and enjoyed rounders and cricket. Happy days.

Leaving at fifteen, I went to join a dance troop we were called Milton Merry Mac’s. Practiced every Friday night then getting ready for displays at weekends – carnivals or parading around streets. We went to Stafford Belle Vue and even did a display at Port Vale football ground, I loved the troop I was heart and soul in it, but my mother wasn’t very pleased she kept telling me “you will see where you will be, our Jean, letting other people stand on your shoulders” but I didn’t listen, I was in it for twelve months, that brings me up to sixteen now, now interested in boys.  Ha ha!

I enjoyed the activity side of my childhood from five to sixteen.