My Journey - by Lucas Christer

We're always keen to use images to illustrate the stories we publish and not just photos - paintings and drawings are always welcome.  None more so than when the artwork is done by the author of the story - and we don't think any contributions are going to be better than this painting by Lucas Christer, and his description of it. Lucas plays Powerchair Football - the fastest growing disabled sport and due to become a Paralympic sport in 2024.

The painting was auctioned at a charity event and raised £1,500 for the Donna Louise Trust - fantastic recognition of both Lucas's skill and his bravery.


Lucas' painting.jpg

My Journey

My name is Lucas Christer and I play powerchair football for St Georges Knights in the National League. I recently did a painting for Donna Louise Hospice which showed how my condition makes me feel. This is my journey. 

When you look into the sky at night and see the stars they just look like dots of light. When you look through a telescope you see the beauty of the universe and realise there is so much more. This is like me. When people look at me they see a boy in a wheelchair. You might feel sorry for me or just think there is nothing special. If you look closer and get to know me you realise there is so much more.

The painting represents how I feel at different times and the thoughts I have. There are dark spots where I think of not being able to walk anymore but the light behind is the good memories I have of when I could walk. Like doing the barefoot walk at Conkers.  There are dark points where I think about always being stuck in my wheelchair but then the light parts are where I think about playing football and my dreams of playing for England.

All the bad thoughts are equalled out by the good memories and the exciting things I have done because of my condition. I got to go to Florida with all my family and meet loads of new friends. I got to win the Child of Courage and meet famous people. There are bright parts showing my excitement at finishing runner up in the Stoke sports awards. I might be in a wheelchair but I am still a bright star.