They Run - Steve Bazell

Steven Bazell wrote this piece as a poetry assignment while doing a creative writing course at Stoke College.  As well as being as talented poet, Steve also holds the current Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon while dressed as a nurse. We’re hoping we might hear more from Steve on what it takes to get a Guinness World Record!


They run
Male and female
Young and old
Small and large
They all run

They run
To keep fit
For personal achievement
To win
They run for all reasons

They run
Through mud and water
Come heat wave or twenty below
And icy cold winds
Nothing stops them running

They run
Stride by stride
Meter by meter
Mile by mile
They keep on running

They run
Heart pounding
Lungs bursting
Muscles screaming
Through the pain they run

They run
The finish line
Drawing ever close
Arms raised in glory
They run no more till the morrow.