My First Gymnastics Lesson - by Janneth and Hannah

This is the third of a little trio of sporting stories to showcase the work we've had from Stoke-on-Trent schools. This lovely storyboard was done last year by a Year 2 pupil, Janneth, at Summerbank Primary School in Tunstall, and shows - over a eight week period - the course of the pupils' first gymnastics lessons, from complete novice to first gymnastics display.

As a follow-on project, we took some of our favourite storyboards from Summerbank to Staffordshire University, where we asked Cartoon & Comic Arts students to reinterpret them as comic books.  We had some stunning artwork from the students, which along with the storyboards we'll be turning into a little publication for the school. Here are the two contributions, starting with Janneth's work:

Summerbank019 - Janneth.jpg

And here is Hannah's reinterpretation: