Knocking down stereotypes - by Chalice Mitchell

We met the wonderful Chalice Mitchell - martial arts warrior and internationally renowned artist - at the very first ‘Stoking Curiosity’ event, held at the Spode Works in Stoke-on-Trent last November. Some of Chalice’s video art was on display - great sweeps of paint capturing the essence of movement and the flow of creativity - and it was great to have the chance to chat to Chalice about the interface and interaction between being active and being creative. Here’s a little piece Chalice wrote for us about her love of boxing and martial arts, illustrated with some of her stunning artwork.


I started studying martial arts at a young age – and it changed my world. I learned about my potential and soon realised that gender stereotypes are completely bogus. Through judo, karate, aikido, Brazilian jiujitsu, tai chi and boxing, I discovered a connection between my body and mind. In each class and in each discipline, there was this amazing relationship between staying relaxed yet powerful, focused yet loose. Also, some of the more ‘aggressive’ style relied on technique over pure brawn. In many ways my experience was continually breaking the gender paradigm and it was so freeing. Martial arts have given me a lens through which to see and understand so many things about the world we live in.

take down.JPG