The Oxford Chitral Expedition 1958 - by Ted Norrish

When I was aged 10 my grandfather gave me as a Christmas present the Times Atlas of the world. I spent many hours studying every map on every page, especially the maps of the main mountain ranges. From as early as the age of five, I remember that I loved beautiful country and hills, and I decided that one day I would be a mountaineer.

In my atlas I noticed the small independent states of Chitral and Swat (now part of Pakistan), and in Chitral I counted the Hindu Kush peaks of Tirich Mir, Noshaq, Istoro Nal and Sad Istragh. For some reason I decided that, if it was still unclimbed, I would one day organise an expedition to Sad Istragh.

The Sloth: The Roaches HVS 5a/b - by Duncan Bourne

Head out of Leek along the A53 and you will see the Roaches dominating the skyline like a recumbent sleeping dragon, guarding the gateway to the Peak district.  Generations of walkers and climbers have been drawn to explore the rugged gritstone scales of this slumbering giant rising from its nest of ancient, twisted pines and larch and I am no different.