Childhood activities - Jean Brough

Childhood activities - Jean Brough

I started Abbey Hulton Infants School at age five, that was 1938, I loved going playing with other children in the playground, skipping and playing tick. Then it was junior school at the same school - we were involved with more sports like running, we were put in groups and had a coloured sash. I think I was in the blue team.

BIG Dance Stoke - by Caroline Ambler

In early July this year Hanley came alive with dancing. Not just in our theatres but in our streets too, and it was all thanks to Stoke-on-Trent’s Big Dance Festival. The weekend was organised by North Staffordshire Dance Development Partnership (NSDDP); a consortium of charities, companies, individuals and educational establishments who are passionate about improving access and communication in dance. 

Tutus, tears and the awful tiger costume - by Becky Latham

When I was only two and a half, my mum decided to enrol me into ballet and tap lessons at the Jill Clewes Performing Arts Centre to give me a hobby - and probably also because I was a very chubby baby. Most children lose interest in their first hobbies until they find what suits them best, switching between musical instruments or sporting activities, but surprisingly I maintained dance for a while. Until now, in fact, at seventeen years old.