BIG Dance Stoke - by Caroline Ambler

In early July this year Hanley came alive with dancing. Not just in our theatres but in our streets too, and it was all thanks to Stoke-on-Trent’s Big Dance Festival. The weekend was organised by North Staffordshire Dance Development Partnership (NSDDP); a consortium of charities, companies, individuals and educational establishments who are passionate about improving access and communication in dance. 

It seemed a good idea at the time... - by David Steele

Monday 16th May 2011
Entries close tomorrow.  Can I find the courage to post my form off?  Or, with two of my mates already entered, can I find the courage not to?

The Anfield ‘100’ is the oldest cycle race in the country, and possibly in the world.  Promoted each year on the roads of Cheshire and Shropshire it was first held in 1889.  At my age will I have any more opportunities?  I gather my resolve, complete the entry form, pop it in an envelope with a cheque for £10 and drop it into the post box at the end of the road.

Tutus, tears and the awful tiger costume - by Becky Latham

When I was only two and a half, my mum decided to enrol me into ballet and tap lessons at the Jill Clewes Performing Arts Centre to give me a hobby - and probably also because I was a very chubby baby. Most children lose interest in their first hobbies until they find what suits them best, switching between musical instruments or sporting activities, but surprisingly I maintained dance for a while. Until now, in fact, at seventeen years old. 

My sporting story - by Janet Mason

When I was at grammar school in the 1960s, I loved all sport. I was strong, with lots of energy, and as they say, it was a 'no-brainer' that I would be involved in every sport going. In an all girls school, it was so easy to take every opportunity offered. We hardly had any male teachers and certainly not for PE. It's funny but I don't remember any of the PE teachers but I do remember loving being part of a team.