Recollections of Stoke Speedway by Pat Sinclair

Sporting Stories writes:  Speedway doesn't feature on our list of sports (those which get you fitter through exercise) but Pat's beautifully written piece really captures the community spirit and sense of well-being which comes through participating in any sport, even as a spectator. If you've ever been to Speedway then you'll find this story wonderfully evocative.  And the poems are perfect too...


Sporting Story: Parkrunning - Peter Hooper

The third Saturday in January saw me do my very first parkrun.  parkrun (no capitalisation apparently) is a brilliant concept: simple, inclusive and global in its reach.  Its simplicity is its great strength – you register online on the parkrun site to get a unique barcode, turn up at 9.00 am on a Saturday at a location which has a parkrun (nearly 800 worldwide – Hanley is currently the only one in Stoke-on-Trent) and run a timed 5k.